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"Good, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind."

- Philip Green


AA International Engineering is a private family office dedicated to serving the needs and requirements of ultra-high wealth individuals and families.
The company was founded in Hong Kong and is active on the global stage.
Our investment activity offers a selection of avenues including financial products such as stocks, commodities, bonds and venture capital as well more tangible assets and holdings such as real estate, works of art, rare and antique items.

Our primary investment focus is on technological innovation and advanced engineering ventures. We invest seed and further investment stages in entrepreneurial endeavors that our analysts deem to be highly promising and industry-disruptive.

As an independent, boutique investment firm unaffiliated with major financial institutions we have the freedom and ability to seek out and offer unique investment opportunities. This enables us to put together a truly unique and personalized investment portfolio for our discerning clients, optimally suited to their investor profile.

We offer a broad selection of services for our clientele, including portfolio planning, investment advisory, family governance, estate planning, charity and philanthropy planning & management, cross generational transition preparation, taxation and legal issues, as well as a range of lifestyle management and concierge options. 


Our multifaceted team is comprised of a group of highly experienced and dedicated professionals, all of whom we cherry-picked from primary positions in leading firms for their capabilities. In addition to our in-house crew we work closely with a network of trusted associates and professional service providers.

The scope of fields our professionals and advisors covers includes market analysts, financial experts, portfolio managers, tech specialists, engineers, management and bizdev advisors, legal and tax advisors, philanthropy advisors, lifestyle management personnel, estate planners, governance advisors, and many more.

Investment Categories

Stocks, Shares & Other Financial Products

Always a stalwart of any investment portfolio, we offer you a wide range of financial products, including stocks and bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, annuities and more, we'll purchase and manage these products based on your risk profile and carry out adjustments according to market fluctuations, with the goal of providing you with attractive returns.

Engineering & Tech Ventures

In addition to more traditional investment avenues we offer access to investments in the exciting world of cutting edge new engineering and tech ventures. Our tech and financial professionals identify and analyze promising ventures, carrying out due diligence before recommending them to our investors. Our target industries are focused on technology driven tech, they must be market oriented and have a robust intellectual property with a disruptive potential and a significant competitive advantage. We offer multi-stage funding including pre-seed, seed, as well as follow-on investments. Our involvement doesn't end with funding alone; we take a proactive and hands-on approach participating as directors in board meetings, and guiding and leading ventures toward market entry and commercial success.

Real Estate & Tangible Investments

We handle your real estate investments and manage your holdings making sure that all the necessary maintenance and grounds work is carried out regularly, oversee renovations and development issues. We handle rent negotiations and collection on your behalf, and deal with all the administrative issues including legal, regulatory, contractual, etc.
As far as other tangible assets are concerned we work with specialists from each specific field; whether artworks, classic vehicle, antique & antiquities, jewelry, or any other field of interest, we have the experts available to purchase and manage your investments.  


AA International Engineering presents you with an inclusive selection of services that includes portfolio planning & management, financial advisory, legal and taxation, estate planning & cross-generational strategy and implementation, family governance, lifestyle management & concierge, philanthropic planning and application, administration services and more. We know how valuable your time is, we're here to take some of the load off your shoulders and make your money work for you.

Among our main services:

Portfolio Planning & Management

Our financial advisors meet with you and compile an investment profile based on your requirements, preferences, level of risk aversion, tax situation, etc. Based on this we'll present you with an investment strategy which includes a bespoke compilation of investment opportunities tailored to your specifications. Each investment product AA International Engineering offers is individually vetted by our analysts and undergoes due diligence before being presented to the client. A typical portfolio compilation we offer may include a mix of financial holdings such as stocks & bonds, funding tech & engineering ventures, as well as tangible investments in real estate holdings, works of art, rare antiques, collectibles such as classic vehicles, and more.
We manage your holdings on a daily basis, notifying you of any developments and recommended changes.

Estate Planning & Cross-Generational Transition

Planning for the future and taking multi-generational needs and diverse requirements into account is perhaps one of the thorniest issues to deal with in any family business. AA International Engineering's advisory team are here to help you to get all stakeholders on board. This we achieve through mutually agreed upon rules of engagement with a clearly delineated governance strategy, tax and legal preparation considering stakeholder's individual needs, clear rules for cross generational succession, as well as carefully thought out estate planning. The better and more thorough the plan, the smoother the transition when the time comes. When everyone concerned knows what to expect, the likelihood of discord is reduced to a minimum.

Philanthropic Planning

At AA International Engineering we are aware that there are many advantages to charitable activity, first and foremost is the knowledge that one is contributing to the community and helping those who may be less fortunate. Charitable activity also teaches the younger generation the value of social responsibility and helping society. Needless to say there are also tax advantages to donating and philanthropic activity. It's very important to plan and structure your charitable activity correctly, in order to ensure that the donations reach worthy beneficiaries and that they are tax-efficient, that's where our specialists come in. We'll help you set up charitable activity to reflect your values, interests and wishes.

Lifestyle Management & Concierge

At AA International Engineering we know how valuable your time is, our lifestyle managers are here to help make all the necessary arrangements on your behalf including travel arrangements, bookings, reservations, purchases, domestic staff hire and more. Our concierge services enable you to do what matters to you without worrying about all the details.
Whether you're looking to purchase a new yacht, arrange an exclusive family vacation, hire domestic housekeeping staff, get VIP access to a major sport event or concert, hire a personal shopper, plan a relocation, take on a private tutor for your children, whatever; we are here to take care of all the specifics, so that you can reap the fruits of your efforts.

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